The "bag" manufacturing method is a technique that allows the creation of particularly comfortable footwear. This manufacturing process according to the canons of the most authentic Italian footwear tradition involves up to two hundred steps that require great skill, experience and competence.

During the stitching stage, the full grain nappa lining is secured like a "pouch" along the edge, allowing a shoe to be constructed without the rigid components used in most shoes.

The shoe becomes lighter and allows the foot to move naturally. A breathable cushioned material is sandwiched between the outsole and lining to provide long lasting shock absorption throughout the foot.

The flexible construction allows for the application of heels that require the incorporation of the insole and heel. This "bridge" between the heel and forefoot is built under the cushioned insole with a layer of memory foam that decreases pressure on the arch.

The excellent success of the bag manufacturing is possible thanks to the encounter between modernity and tradition, where technique and experience merge into a product that enchants the foot.

Wearing beautiful, pain-free shoes all day long is probably one of everyone's most common desires.

Lightness of the components, bag manufacturing and tireless research are just a few secrets of the recipe for the lightest footwear on the market.