Excellence Made in Naples

Our story began almost a century ago, in a small artisan workshop.

A time when each shoe was designed, produced and worked exclusively by hand: a few pairs, a lot of passion. Since 1950, thanks also to the help of the first machines, our production has grown and our constant research in the fashion field has led us, step by step, to become who we are today, to look to the future and try to anticipate it.

Today our mission is to produce sneakers and iconic models, for men and women, using only the highest quality materials, strictly in Italy. Indeed, in Naples, where it all began.

Collezione Uomo

Bag processing

The "sacchetto" manufacturing method is a technique that allows you to create particularly comfortable footwear.

This manufacturing process according to the canons of the most authentic Italian footwear tradition involves up to two hundred steps that require great skill , experience and competence.

Collezione Donna

Where we are

Aversa Nord industrial area
CO Consorzio Impre. Co
81032 – Carinaro (Ce)