Excellence Born in Naples

Our journey began nearly a century ago in a humble artisanal workshop, an era where each shoe was conceptualized, crafted, and refined exclusively by hand, resulting in few pairs but a wealth of passion. Since 1950, with the assistance of emerging machinery, our production has expanded, and our continuous exploration in the realm of fashion has incrementally led us to who we are today and inspired us to envision the future. Our mission now is to manufacture iconic sneakers and models for both men and women, using only the finest materials sourced strictly within Italy, indeed, right here in Naples, the very place our story started. We constantly strive to deliver exquisite footwear that harmonizes contemporary modernity and the classic local artisan tradition, a precious art that we have carefully preserved and passed down through the years.

"Research, Innovation, and Craftsmanship"

We continually seek novelty, while honoring the expertise and heritage of the master craftsmen who shaped our identity. We meld past processes with perpetual advancements in technical, fashion, and design disciplines. Our core inspirations are predominantly drawn from the street culture, where we fuse minimalistic, clean geometrical patterns of urban style with vibrant, rich colors. We relish details, adding our unique touch to infuse character and individuality. After all, for us, style is built from the ground up. Our aim is to design shoes that accompany our customers in their daily endeavors, enhancing their appearance, catering to their requirements, and consistently ensuring optimal performance and a distinctive style with each step.